Goggles and Full Face Masks Must Be Worn At All Times While in the Play Area.

Rental masks will also be available.


A three warning system- you may be asked to leave for breaking any field rules, charged with cheating by two different people not on the same team, during two separate games. First time you are caught cheating you will get a warning. Second time you will re-read a copy of our rules. The third time you will be barred for the day. Any unsafe or rude behavior not covered by field rules will be at the discretion of Black Ops Global CQB staff. Black Ops Global CQB reserves the right to change rules as needed to ensure a safe and secure environment.


BEHAVIOR THAT WILL RESULT IN A DAY/PERMANENT BAN : Repeatedly not calling your hits. Disrespect to another player or players (example-you angrily yell and curse at another player. That player or another player asks you to stop, but you continue)



Illegal Drug use

Drinking Alcohol AT ANY TIME

Property Damage

Non Airsoft related Explosives

Real Firearms

Violate any of Black Ops Global CQB Rules and regulations consistently after being warned.


NO CLIMBING  through windows, or any structure.


BARREL COVERS: Must be on your weapon at all times in the STAGING AREA and safe zones.


NO CONSTUCTION OF BOOBY TRAPS – play with the field “AS IS”


NO VERBAL ABUSE: profanity, name calling or slurs against anyone will not be allowed. We expect everyone to act and behave in a professional manner in the midst of friendly competition.


NO BLIND SHOOTING: You must have visual contact to the location to which you are shooting.


REFEREE DECISIONS ARE FINAL: Players will not be allowed to argue with the referee, or change/modify the rulings.


INJURY: Notify the referee if you are injured; declare “IM OUT!” immediately.


STAGING AREA: While in the CQB staging area, NO WEAPONS WILL BE FIRED or raised in a position that may be perceived as being fired. Gun Safety’s must be on at all times while in the staging area. Guns must be pointed down at all times in the staging area. FINGERS OFF THE TRIGGERS in the staging area.


STAGING AREA/FIELD CLEANLINESS: All trash must be picked up prior to leaving.


ALL PLAYER WEAPONS WILL BE CHRONOED. There will be no exceptions. If a player shows up during a game, they must wait until the game is finished to play. A tag will be placed on weapons barrel as they are checked to signify it meets safety limits.


VELOCITY LIMITS: 350 with .20/.25 FPS limit for all indoor CQB games.


PERSONAL PROTECTION: Goggles REQUIRED. Impact rated ( meets or exceeds ANSI standards) fully sealed goggles must be worn at all times on the game field, or wraps that meet ANSI or Z-87 ratings (baklava/headscarf Standard eyewear is acceptable (regular eyeglasses/sunglasses)Full face protection is required.


SURRENDER RULE: In CQB situations, an order to surrender can only be given within 5 feet. All players ordered to surrender MUST COMPLY. It is conceivable that a player can sneak up to within 5 feet of a group of players and order all of them to surrender. Please use common sense when using this rule. This rule is about safety. We understand things happen in the heat of the battle. If you are surrounded and pinned down by a group of players and you know there is no other alternative except getting shot, you might want to surrender on your own.


SAFETY KILL: If a player is within the 5 foot rule, it is recommended you honor a safety kill to your opponent rather than shooting them point blank. For this you would yell “BANG, BANG!” The player must honor the safety kill. This is for common courtesy and for safety. A safety kill is only valid when you would normally have a clear close shot!


ELIMINATONS: Any hit from a BB anywhere on your body is an elimination (unless stated otherwise prior to playing).


GUN HITS DO NOT COUNT. Ricochets do not count. Any hit from a BB ricocheting off an object close to you (wall, tree, your gun, etc. ) don’t count.


In the event of elimination, the eliminated player must yell, “HIT!” No false calls. Put on your “DEAD HAT/RAG” or simply raise your arms with your weapon above your head. If the area is clear, the eliminated player immediately exits the playing area in the most direct route possible. If necessary, call out “HIT!” numerous times to prevent from being shot again. While exiting, the only word from an eliminated player must be “HIT!” and nothing else. Dead men tell no tales.


Have Fun and play safe!